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Hello, I'm Ujjwal Bhardwaj

I am a Software Development Engineer currently working at Amazon. Before now, I worked at Amazon Web Services, as a Big Data Cloud Support Associate, after completing bachelor's degree (B.Tech. in Computer Science) in 2018. I have experience in AWS Solutions Architecture and hold the following certifications

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate

I am an open source enthusiast and a consistent advocate of language agnostic Software Development. I have contributed to open source projects with varying technology stacks. Most notably, I have added new features and fixed bug in the Amazon SageMaker Python SDK. It is a high level open source library for training and deploying machine-learned models on Amazon SageMaker. I participated in and successfully cleared Google Summer of Code under the mentoring organization FOSSASIA. I contributed to the development of a CI/CD project that continuously generates and deploy documentation on every commit to Github repositories. You can find details around the project here.

In my spare time, I love playing video games on my PlayStation, and occasionally stream on Twitch. I also enjoy reading fiction novels, watching documentaries, and surfing through 9Gag for memes.

I have been building and shipping web applications for the past four years. Alongside my studies, I have worked as a freelance developer and have developed web and mobile applications.

My vision for this blog is to help new developers and dev ops engineers understand Big Data and Machine Learning services provided by AWS and build efficient DevOps solutions. I believe that learning from an example is much easier. I will also be targeting advanced developers with a few advanced tips and tricks. I share my experiences around the new technologies that I learn and I hope you enjoy reading them! My opinions are my own and they do not represent my current or any of my previous employers.

I'll happily provide consultation on the architecture of AWS services (mainly around BigData and Machine Learning), speak at your event, or provide mentorship for your open source projects. Feel free to email me with details!

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