My Projects

I build projects after learning new technologies. I learn new technologies while building on projects. Some of my projects are:


prelimQuiz is an open source, simple and powerful self-hosted quiz platform with the backend of Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB that lets an organizer host a quiz either on a local server or in the cloud. It has a beautifully designed interface, and it is customizable in a way that it offers you to choose your type of quiz, be it a Multiple Choice Questions quiz, a general one word or sentence quiz or a mix of both. The front end of the website can be easily manipulated allowing you to give a personal touch to the site.


Brime Brime is an open source, simple and powerful self-hosted note taking application that lets an organization to store their notes and memos on their servers preventing any outside element to get access to the private data of the company.


Developed a RESTful API for the app ( using technologies like

  1. Object Oriented PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. MongoDB

Also contributed in building the Android mobile Application using Android SDK.


It is Simple MEAN Stack Based Blog Publishing Platform.


Developed a RESTful API for the application using technologies like

  1. NodeJS
  2. ExpressJS
  3. MongoDB


Digihuntrex is an online quiz script. It is prepared using PHP and MySQL for back-end processes and HTML and CSS with Bootstrap for front-end. The Quiz was made live on 1st February'2016 and released as an Event in CSI's Regional Student Convention 2015-16(Region 1).

A demo to the quiz can be found here

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