About my Blog

I have been thinking of building a blog for quite some time, but I could not do it anytime sooner. The reason being I could not jump to a conclusion on how to implement it.

I had created a blog during the initial stages of me learning PHP, but it didn't go well. The problem was that I could never create a perfect CMS and had to tinker with the code every time I posted a new blog.

For my personal blog, I didn't want to devote too much time, yet wanted a reliable blog while learning something new. I thought of using WordPress as I have never tried it before. But then, there is nothing new to it. Almost every other blog is using WordPress. So, I Googled for the "top blog publishing sites" and looked through the first link that appeared, which was "The 12 best free blogging platforms | Creative Bloq." Some of them mentioned were popular while others would not have served my purpose. Then there was a platform called Contentful. I read its description and found it heuristic.

The thing that I found astonishing about Contentful is its "API-first" approach. Even though I have created RESTful APIs for some of my projects and the projects that I've contributed to, I have not yet used someone else's API to build a project over it. Using an API would give me some experience from a client's point of view and would thus improve my competence.

Then the question arose: "What language or framework should I implement it in?". To use PHP, a language I consider myself proficient in, NodeJS + ExpressJS, frameworks I am getting familiar to or something totally new to me, like AngularJS or ReactJS.

After giving much thought to it, I finally decided to move forward with NodeJS and ExpressJS. Why, you ask? Well, I did not choose Angular or React because even though I wanted to learn something new, it need not be a new framework. That would have required a lot of time that I was not ready to commit.

Now that I chose them, I started reading the API's docs where I found their Simple Express js application built on top of Contentful. I read through its code and started building my blog, and the result is in front of you.

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